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FF #031: This ONE Question Can Help You Pick Your Perfect Niche

Struggling to pick your perfect niche?

Even if you aren't now... there's a good chance you have before.

Name a biz model and no matter what it is this seems to be the #1 place where people get stuck.

And I'm not just talking about beginners either.

In fact... the more brilliant you are?

The harder this can be.

Because what you do can help EVERYONE.

But trying to help everyone is a surefire way to end up helping no one.

So today I wanna share ONE question that will help you pick your perfect niche.

This is a question I have my clients answer when we first start working together.

And it's changed the trajectory of many of their biznesses for the better.

Let's get into it.

The Question.

"If I could only get paid AFTER I got results... what would I be doing and who would I be doing it for/with?"

^^can you see the power of this?

It FORCES you to think about the perfect client you can help and how you're gonna help them.

Because if you're only getting paid after you get results?

You need to make damn sure you take on the right person otherwise you don't get paid.

I started a service ( based on this question.

If I could only get paid after I got results?

WHO: I'd be working with 7-figure e-learning companies/entrepreneurs who have an audience and multiple offers with at least one in the $1,000+ range.

WHAT: I'd be helping them enroll clients into their program through email, social posts, and chat. And they would pay me after the sales hits their bank account.

It's super clear what I'm doing and the criteria someone needs to have for it to work.

Now... I'm not saying you need to get paid after you get results.

But asking yourself this question will help you get as close to the perfect client and offer as possible.

Where the chances of success are highest.

That's what we want after all. Happy clients who we've helped to achieve their hopes and dreams.

So even if you already have a niche and offer?

Try this exercise out for size.

Ask yourself this question, let it stir for a bit, then write the answer down.

And if you're feeling brave?

Reply to this email with your answer.

Who knows... if you catch me in a good mood I may respond with some feedback :-)


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found this breakdown useful 🤙


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