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FF #033: I Closed $120,000 In 10 Days On This New Hybrid 1:1 Model

New $30k hybrid 1:1 offer (done-with-you / done-for-you).

4 clients in 10 days.

Sold using a combo of Nick Kozmin's dynamic sales letter + my email/social/chat closing process.

This new hybrid 1:1 model slaps.

It's the evolution of service businesses and 1:1 coaches+consultants.
Because you can work with many premium clients at the same time while helping them get incredible results.

Today I wanna share how it works.



The Breakdown.


There are 4 main components that make this offer sexy to the client and leveraged for me.

I'll break them down one-by-one below.




This answers the question of "what are we getting done together?"

It should call out to a specific niche...

Should be desirable to the client you're trying to attract...

And different than the other promises out there.

The more your promise sounds like others, the more convincing you'll have to do.

Case studies, references, content, sales calls, etc etc.

The promise of my offer is:

For 6-Figure Coaches, Consultants, Creators, & Experts:
How To Bolt-On A 6-Figure Phoneless Client Acquisition System For Your Programs In 30 Days.
A definitive guide on enrolling 4-5 figure clients every day without sales calls.

It's desirable, different, and calls out to the high-end of my niche.




Anyone can make a claim.

If you want clients to pay you big-ticket fees though...

You need to have proof what you do works.

Collect your best case studies and stack them in your sales materials.

I stacked 6 case studies at the top of my sales letter that shows clients achieving the result in the promise.

Each case study includes:

  • Before
  • After
  • Timeframe
  • ROI
  • Description of what was done
  • Quote

If you don't have proof then go get some. Kickass for a client then report back.




These are the steps a client needs to take to achieve the promise.

I have 6 main steps in my protocol.

1. Craft your "Godfather Offer"
2. Get traffic for free
3. Qualify through chat
4. Send the G-Doc invitation
5. Make it evergreen
6. Scale with a lean automated group funnel

Within each of these steps are detailed action steps to take.

I'm guiding 1:1 clients through the protocol, helping them set up certain pieces, and providing support/feedback whenever they get stuck.

The stronger your protocol is, the easier it'll be to deliver results with minimal support needed.

With a strong protocol I can take on 50-100 1:1 clients at a time.




The guarantee IS your offer.

It removes risk and increases certainty.

Having a guarantee is like wallet lube.

It makes your offer easy to say YES to. And kills the price objection if you’re targeting the right person.

If someone is certain they will get a return, they will buy.

It’s like selling money at a discount.

When you bound yourself to the guarantee you force yourself to create something that works.

If your stuff doesn’t work… you shouldn’t sell it.

You can start with "Achieve {Result} in {Time} {Guarantee}."

Your protocol and action plan is what makes it true.

There are 3 ways I structure my guarantees in order of effectiveness:

  • You only pay when I’m successful ← for rev share deals, do this if you need a strong case study
  • Achieve {Result} in {Time} or I’ll refund your money
  • Achieve {Result} in {Time} or I’ll keep working for free until you it


  • #1 Add $50k/mo to your sales in 30 days… and you only pay me from the revenue I bring you
  • #2 Build a 6-figure phoneless client acquisition system and generate $100,000 in profit in 6 months… or I’ll refund you
  • #3 Build a 6-figure phoneless client acquisition system and generate $100,000 in profit in 6 months… or I’ll work for free until you hit it

Add a guarantee.

You’ll be able to charge more, get less pushback, and close more deals with higher-quality clients.

There's obviously more that's gone into closing $120,000 in 10 days on a brand new offer.

But these are the 4 things that moved the needle most.

I'll go into the sales process a bit more in future issues.

For now - take what I gave you here and apply it to your offer.

If you want to check out the sales letter and video for this offer, click here.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found this useful 🤙


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