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FF #035: How To Do Proper LinkedIn Outreach That Doesn't Suck

Proper LinkedIn outreach is so hawt right now.

My current campaign:

  • 742 messages sent
  • 264 responded
  • 126 want more deets
  • $54,000 closed so far

In just a smidge under 2 weeks.

That $54,000 could have been $126,000 too. But I fumbled one deal, and turned away another because the guy was a douche lol.

This works like crazy if you do it right.

Today I'll share what I'm doing so you can do LinkedIn outbound that doesn't suck.



Proper Campaign Breakdown.


Important note as you read through this.

DO NOT just copy/paste what I'm doing.

It won't work.

Understand what actually makes this work so you can replicate it with your own sauce.


Let's roll.


Here is the message I'm sending:

"Hey Name - I put together a guide for coaches on how to enroll 4-5 figure clients without a sales call. I came across your profile when browsing my network and thought you might find it useful.

You can check it out for free here:

Let me know if you'd like me to set this up for you. I guarantee $100,000 in 6 months."

No follow-up so far. Just that one message.

There are 3 components in this campaign that make it work:

  • Utility (the message is useful)
  • Proof (there is proof of the claims)
  • Relevant offer to the right person (sent to someone who can benefit)

Let's break it down piece by piece.




The difference between my message and the thousands of other messages is I lead with something useful.

There's a link to a guide on enrolling 4-5 clients every day without the phone. And it's a LEGIT guide.

Not some fake "10 Tips" BS that only gives you the surface.

I get 30-50 cold pitches every day and can't remember the last time I got one that was useful.

It's all just a pitch to book a call.

So instead of being like all the soy boys out there just pitch-slapping everybody...

Create a useful piece of content to lead with.

IMO this is the biggest difference maker because no one does it.



Never make a claim if you don't have proof.

A claim without proof makes you look like an amateur at best, liar at worst.

Newbies make this mistake all the time. Promising insane results without proof they can deliver.

"I'll 10x your sales. Just trust me bro!"

Don't do this. It creates distrust, skepticism, and objections.

My message has a claim (enroll 4-5 figure clients every day without the phone).

But the content has case studies/proof of my claim.

If you don't have proof you will need to make your offer 100% no risk. You will have to have a money-back guarantee or do a performance deal.

Proof is important. And it baffles me how many pitches I get that have claims with zero proof.

Relevant Offer to the Right Person.


My offer is to set up the system in the content doc for them. $100,000 minimum in 6 months guaranteed.

I mentioned the guide is for coaches. So I sent it to coaches.

LinkedIn makes it stupid simple to find exactly who you're looking for.

Just type your niche into the search bar and use the filters to narrow down.

Not much to say here other than to send your message to the right person who can benefit from it.


Once someone responds positively you can take it to a Zoom/phone call.

Or if you're like me... use chat to close the deal.


That's how I've been doing my outbound and it's working like crazy so far.

That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found this useful 🤙


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