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FF #017: The Easiest Type Of Client To Help

Nov 19, 2022

Short but hopefully impactful issue today.

Can't stay long.

About to head to an invite-only event called "The Email Collective" hosted by Ian Stanley.

7, 8, even a couple 9-figure biz owners will be in the room.

So I'll need to be at my sharpest.

But it got me thinking about "client selection" and how genius what Ian did is.

So today let's talk about...


The Easiest Type Of Client To Help


Notice what I said about this event?

It's invite only and there's only successful biz owners in the room.

Ian mentioned that everyone earns between $500k-$250m/yr with their biz. And all of them do email.

It's a quality group of people.

And it's superrr smart what he did.

Can you spot it?

He invited people who are...


Already in motion.


Ian didn't invite people looking to make their first dollar online.

Or people looking to write their first email.

Or people who didn't have an email list.

He targeted people who were already in motion.

The 50 who will be in the room today all have lists, all write emails, and all are crushing it with their biznesses.

It's gonna be incredibly EZ for Ian to help this group of people.

To sprinkle in just a tiny bit of email magic and make them buckets of cash.

I know he'll have an expensive offer in the end. Something in the $10k-$25k range if I were to guess.

And I know he'll get a good amount of people to sign up.

Because these are all folks who are already making moves.

Now you might be wondering...


Why target these types of clients instead of beginners?


Do you know how hard it is to help someone go from 0-1?

From being dead broke to making their first dollar online? Then making it a full-time thing?

Or from doing absolutely nothing to doing something?

It's INSANELY hard.

You have to rewire their brains. Break every bad habit they've developed throughout their life. Hold their hand. Then give them a 100% foolproof plan that leaves no room for mistakes.

I'm not saying NOT to help these types of clients. After all... I have a couple offers that do.

But it's EZ to spend all of your time/energy working with these folks for not much of a payoff.

On the high end where my personal time/energy is required... like done-for-you services, coaching, or consulting...

I prefer to have FUN and work with clients who are EZ to help.

Clients who are already at 1 and want to get to 5, 10, 50, 100.

The EZest client to help is someone who's already in motion.

Who's already at level 1+.

If you're in the biz niche? This means they're already making money.

If you're in relationships? This means they're already dating.

If you're in fitness? This means they already go to the gym.

if you want your life to be easier, more enjoyable, and profitable?

Work with clients already at 1+. Clients who are already in motion.

And help them level up even more.

Bit of a shorter one today...

But take this insight seriously.

It can lead to more lucrative, easier, and funner clients than ever before.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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