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FF #013: The “C” Word That Helped Me Do $28k Cash Collected In A Weekend

I’ve been selling stuff online since 2016.

Worked on 100+ different offers and created literally thousands of original pieces of content.

One of the biggest reasons folks don’t sell as much as they want to is because their stuff sounds the same as everyone else.

They sell slight improvements. Or what my mentor Travis calls “Mo Betta Offers”.

So let’s talk about what to do instead…


The “C” Word That Helped Me Do $28k Cash Collected In A Weekend


Want to stand out and sell more?

Then learn and use the "C" word.

It helped me do $28k cash collected with another $3k/mo ongoing for the next 11 months.

Sprinkle it into your offers and content so it hits like a Mike Tyson left hook.

Let’s roll.


C = Contrast.


You have contrast when one thing is obviously different than the other.

Day vs Night.

Left vs Right.

Sun vs Moon.

Black vs White.

If I held up two unbranded white t-shirts… which one would you choose?

It’d be tough because they’re the same white shirt right?

In that case you’d default to the cheaper option.


Let’s say it’s winter time and you live in Seattle like I do. Where it gets cold and rainy.

If I held up a white T vs. black long-sleeve crewneck sweater?

Well… now it’s a lot easier to choose hey?

Because there’s CONTRAST between the white T and black crewneck sweater.

Too many Joes out there trying to sell their white T that has slightly better cotton than Moes white T.

Not saying it can’t be done. But you’ll have mucho more convincing and persuading to do.

Sounds like a lot of work to me.

Let’s take a look at 3 posts where I used contrast to add an extra an extra 5-figures to my piggy bank in a weekend.


#1: Old Plan vs New Plan.


The first sentence is my old plan.

The second is my new plan.

The image of my calendar makes it EZ to see the contrast.

If you’re someone who has what I call “Christmas Tree Calendar” where it’s lit up with colorful bars from “sales calls”...

You can see my clear calendar and instantly see the difference.

It’s EZ to say “Omfg I want THAT!”


#2: Hate that? Try this.


This post creates contrast by hitting on what they HATE doing.

The hook here is the “I hate sales calls” campaign.

Hate doing sales calls? Why not sell through email and DMs instead?

Instead of trying to sell an offer to increase the conversion rate their phone close rate…

We’re giving them an entirely NEW way of doing it.

Contrast baby!


#3: Imagine your New Life.

In this post we get them to see, feel, and imagine a new life.

Not a slight improvement to their existing one. But a new life entirely.

Instead of saying, “imagine if you could improve your sales call conversions by 20%...”

We say, “imagine what it would be like to write an email or social post… get a handful of peeps wanting to work with you… and enroll clients without having to jump on the phone…”

I paint a picture of a desirable “new life”.

Where there’s contrast compared to their current life.

Then I give them an invitation to work with me on achieving that new life.

Make sense?

Check it out...



Those are the 3 posts using CONTRAST that helped me pull in a tidy multi 5-figure payday in a weekend.

Now it's your turn.

Use it in your offers. In your content. When you’re selling.

And watch as the sales start to pop in sooo much EZer.


That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙


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