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FF #022: The 6-Figure One-Sentence Reply Email

Dec 16, 2022

About to head on the road to Canada so I don’t have long.

Today’s issue will be short.

But don’t be fooled…

You’re about to see a sneaky lil email that’s pulled in well over $100,000 this year.

It’s one sentence long and can be used for virtually ANY industry.

And it can potentially make you a pretty penny if you use it too.

So let’s talk about…


The 6-Figure One-Sentence Reply Email.

The idea is to get someone to reply back so you can open a sales conversation.

I first learned about this from a marketing legend named Dean Jackson.

He calls it the “9-Word Email”.

But it’s not always 9 words and I do it a tiny bit differently… so I named it the One-Sentence Reply Email.

Extra powerful if you’re selling something for $1,000+.

Let’s roll.


The Framework.


“Are you still considering [getting the result of your offer]?”

That’s it lol.

That’s the email.

We’re just asking if they’re still considering getting what they joined the list for.

(You can use this via social media DMs too.)

Dean first used this in the real estate space.

He had lists of potential homebuyers and he’d send out an email saying something like…

“Are you still looking to buy a house in Seattle?”

Once someone responds with “Yes”...

It’s a qualified sales opportunity.

From there you can set up a call, have an in-person meeting, or do whatever you do for your sales process.

Here’s an example of how I use it:

I’ll send out an email saying something like…

“Are you still considering launching your own 1:Many leveraged offer and getting clients for it without the phone?”

Someone responds back with “Yes”... we have a short chat via messenger… then if I can help them I drop a Google Doc with details on the offer.

The important thing here is we focus on what THEY want.

I don’t say…

“Are you still considering buying my program?”

I keep it focused on the result they want.

Where to use it.


There’s 2 main scenarios where I use this.

#1 is a manual follow-up.

If we had a conversation going where they expressed interest but stopped responding?

I’ll send this to them via DMs or email. Wherever I was talking to them.

It's a soft bump to get them to remember and respond.

#2 is an automatic follow-up if they opted-in but didn’t take a desired action.

For example… if they opted in to watch a free training but didn’t submit an application to work together, this email would go out.

There’s a ton of meat still on the bone for many businesses out there.

You will CLEAN UP if you start implementing this.


Are you disappointed at the shortness of this issue?

Hope not. Because if you use this it’ll make you bookoo bucks.

If you do a lot of sales calls this will book your calendar solid.

If you sell without the phone like me this will fill your inbox with interested leads.

Either way, it works.

Give it a try and lemme know how it goes.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙



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