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FF #027: My One-Person Bizness Blueprint

I've got a lot of new folks on my list so I thought it'd be a good time to pull out an email from the archives breaking down my one-person biz model.

I call it the "Offer Buffet".

It's a model that helped me do high 6-figures in profit for 2022. And have helped many of my clients add 6 or multiple 6-figures to their annual bottom line with this model too.

This is an especially powerful model if you already have something of value to share.

But even if you don't? It's good to know and have this as your "North Star".

By the end of this issue you'll know exactly how the Offer Buffet works and how to create your own.

Let us enter...


The Offer Buffet.

Gonna break it down step-by-step for ya with examples.

Step 1: put out free Samples on social media that entertain and deliver value around a specific topic/problem you can solve. Otherwise known as content.

This generates attention, grows your audience, and gets people into your Offer Buffet.

Step 2: drive and capture 100+ leads every month onto an email list. Share consistent content and insights that build trust/rapport and move them closer to wanting to work with you.

Step 3: launch a big-ticket Main Course offer. Let's say you price it at $2,000 and sell it to 5% of your leads? You now have 5 clients.

Boom. There's a $10,000 month.

Step 4: Talk to your clients and audience to figure out what else they want, need, and struggle with. Use their feedback to make your offer better.

Also use it to launch a lower-ticket Appetizer offer in the <$500 range that gets them ready for your Main Course.

Step 5: use social media and email to convert people into your Appetizer. Let's say it's $300 and you convert 10% of your 100 leads?

That's 10 customers at $3,000 additional monthly revenue.

Step 6: invite the best customers from your Appetizer into your Main Course offer. Let's say you get 4 of the 10 to say yes to your $2,000?

You've added an extra $8,000 in monthly revenue bringing your total to $21,000.

Step 7: get more people into your Offer Buffet.


Launch and get more clients for your delicious Appetizers and Main Courses.

Increase your prices as results come in.

Invite people from your Appetizer to your Main Course.

And increase the conversion rate of Samples > Appetizers > Main Course.


Q: "What if I don't have a following?"
A: Start building one. We all start from 0. There's no better time to start than now. My Compound Creator System can help you with that.

Q: "What if I don't know what to package up and sell?"
A: I break this all down in my free "$1k A Day Offer Buffet" course. Go to and opt-in to get it.

Q: "Why do you start with Main Course over Appetizer?"
A: Because if you have a small audience the economics don't make sense for a low-ticket offer. If you have a big audience then sure, start low. But if you don't have an existing audience my advice is to start with the main thing you want to sell.


Yes - I know these are hypothetical numbers for educational purposes.

But this Offer Buffet model works like crazy when executed correctly.

I used this model to build my one-person consulting biz to well over the $21,000/mo mark.

And have helped clients build this to add an extra 6 or multiple 6-figures to their income in 2022.

If you'd like help building your Offer Buffet?

Alls you gotta do is ask :-)

Reply to this email with "Buffet" and tell me more about your situation.

I'll let you know what I've got to help.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found this breakdown useful 🤙


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