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FF #024: My Content Takeover Plan For 2023

This is the final Friday Fire issue of 2022.

What a fantastic year it was!

Ending it happy but never satisfied.

One of the BEST things I did this year was getting my content game sharp.

I got clear on what to talk about, tested new platforms, new content styles, and grew my audience across all channels to 78,000+ strong.

My goal in 2023 is to double, triple, or maybe add an extra 0 to that :-)

So today I'll share the Content Takeover plan I'll be using to continue growing my audience and income this coming year.

Let's roll.


My Content Takeover Plan.

Daily schedule.

  • 1x email
  • 1x short video
  • 1x FB group post
  • 2x LinkedIn posts
  • 2x tweets

Weekly schedule.

  • 1x weekly newsletter
  • 1x blog on my website
  • 1x long-form YouTube video

Now, let's breakdown the "what" and "why" for each one.



My bread n butter.

It's how I:

  • build a bond with my audience
  • promote my different offers

Unlike everything else listed... email is an OWNED asset.

Meaning you won't get banned like on social media.

I've been writing an email everyday since January 2020 and probably will be forever.

If you want a training on my daily email strategy... check out my Cash Windfall Campaigns.


Short Video.


These are short 15sec-1min videos posted on Reels, TikTok, and Shorts.

Short-form videos have been blowing up for the last 2 years.

All the platforms are still fighting for market share so they're giving creators insane amounts of organic traffic.

I started doing these in December and will be going hard with it in 2023.

Click here to check out some examples.

Facebook Group posts.


These are the daily posts in my Audience Rainmaker community.

Sometimes it's one of my emails repurposed.

Sometimes it's a tasty new training.

Other times just random insights and tips.

FB groups are the only thing I use on the platform.

They work amazing for building my email list and a community of like-minded folks.

LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn gets a lot of hate for being "boring"...

But it was by far my favorite publishing platform of 2022.

I started posting in May.

Since then I've:

  • done 1,010,899 impressions
  • grown to almost 10,000 followers
  • generated multiple 6-figures in sales directly from it

And met some of my best clients.

The best part?

I only spend 15-30mins there everyday.

My posts are repurposed from my emails and tweets so there isn't much extra work.

I'll be going IN on LinkedIn for 2023.

Follow me here.



Twitter is awesome because you can fire off ideas and thoughts as they pop up.

And it's the EZest platform to go viral on because of the retweet feature.

There's no such thing as "tweeting too much". Just make sure they're good tweets.

My strategy is simple...

1 tweet that shows who I am as a person. A shitpoast, joke, story, thought, or picture of my life.

1 tweet that helps the reader and shows them why they should work with me. A tip, insight, guide, client result, or personal result.

Occasionally I'll get in a groove and fire off more than 2 tweets. But that's my baseline.

Follow me here to see this live.

Weekly newsletter.


This is Friday Fire... what you're reading now.

It's a longer form email that gives one actionable tip, tactic, or strategy to use. Along with a weekly content roundup and client results.

This is what I recommend most folks start with when they launch their own email list.

Once you are consistent with weekly, then you can move to a higher frequency like 3x, 5x, or even daily.

Weekly blog article.


My Friday Fire reposted.

This gives it a chance to get picked up by SEO so it's found on Google.

Click here to read all previous issues.

Long-form YouTube video.


YouTube is the GOAT social media platform.

There's a different connection when someone can see and hear you on video vs just reading what you write.

I started on YouTube in January 2020 and it's worked wonders for my biz.

Many of the people in my audience found me first from one of my videos.

Then they go on to read my emails, follow me on other social platforms, and buying my stuff.

One of my big goals is to get to that 100,000 subscriber mark in 2023.

I just posted a new video today on my productivity system, click here to watch it.

And make sure to like+subscribe if you found it useful.

That about wraps up my Content Takeover Plan.

If you want to see this in more depth and want help implementing it?

I reveal all in my Compound Creator System.

It's been a pleasure writing these Friday Fire issues in 2022.

Can't wait to kick more azz with you in 2023!


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