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FF #002: My 5-Minute LinkedIn Content Repurposing System

This week was a ho lot more busy than usual.

Onboarded 2 new partners at Growth Response and kicked off one of their campaigns yesterday.

I'm starting off by selling their $12k offer and got the first 4 "I'm Ins!" this morning.

So now it's time to lock it innn.


These 2 new partners initially found me on LinkedIn.

They saw my content then started following me across multiple platforms before coming onboard.

So I thought it'd be a good time to chat about LinkedIn content.

Specifically how I get it done in 5mins a day with little to no extra work.

Let's get it.


My 5-Minute LinkedIn Content Repurposing System

It might sound dramatic...

But I've been OBSESSED with LinkedIn ever since I started using it for content publishing this year.

They used to have this shiddy 1.3k character limit for posts which was too short for ya boy.

In May I heard they increased the limit to 3k characters so it was game on.

After 3k followers and $60k+ in sales closed in less than 2 months...

You could say I'm a believer.

The best part is I'm doing little to no extra work.

All of the content I publish is repurposed from my existing creations.

So today I wanna share with you what I'm doing.

This will be especially useful if you're already creating content.


Step 1: Create a consistent content schedule.

Everyday I have a post in the morning and another at 5pm.

My audience knows to expect this from me because I've been doing it for close to 2 months now.

You don't need 2 posts a day.

It could be 1 a day or even less.

Create a schedule you can STICK TO.

Consistency isn't about how much you do.

It's about showing up when you say you will so your people know what to expect from you.

Step 2: Steal from yourself.

I write a daily email.

That daily email is reposted to my FB group.

It's sliced and diced into 2-3x daily tweets.

And one of the ideas from my emails becomes my weekly YouTube video topic.

As far as my LinkedIn schedule goes...

The daily email becomes the morning post.

My best tweet slides into the 5pm post.

I'm already creating this content... so why wouldn't I leverage it on as many distribution channels as possible?

Do not be afraid to steal from yourself!

We have this fear that people will be annoyed if we post on multiple channels.

And sure... there might be a few idiots who complain.

But you don't want those people anyway.

Most of your audience isn't watching you on every channel at every moment of the day.

The average email open rate is around 20%. Which means 80% are NOT seeing it.

Do you want to sacrifice the 80% just because you're afraid of annoying people?

I think not.

Step 3: Stay a day ahead.

The best way to be consistent is to stay a tiny bit ahead.

You'll have a tough time staying consistent if you're scrambling to publish content in real-time.

So I recommend staying ahead of your content by at least one day.

I use an awesome LinkedIn scheduling tool called Taplio.

I'm usually writing my daily email the night before or morning of since I enjoy it and want to keep it extra fresh.

But as you can see by the image below... I've got my 5pm slots scheduled for the next week.

So even if I went on vacay for a week?

Thanks to Taplio I'll still have a daily post going out that grows my audience and income.

Step 4: Fuel the content idea machine.

At this point you're probably thinking...

"Yea OK Sean - that's great you can create so much freakin content for yourself. But how do I come up with content for ME???"

Glad you asked!

A lot of people think I just sit down and magically pull content out of my booty.

Or that I have a list of templates I just recycle through.

Nah, fam.

The real "secret" is I have a content idea machine that's always being fed.

How do you create your own content idea machine?

First you must know WHO you're talking to.

Then you need to know what specific PAINS you're helping them alleviate.

And also what desired OUTCOMES they want.

Once you understand that?

You simply live your life and share content relevant to your who... helping them solve their pains and achieve their desired outcomes.

For example...

You're probably here because you want to build a one-person writing based online bizness.

So as I live my life...

Working on my bizness. Creating content. Consuming content. Training in boxing and BJJ. Playing golf. Drinking with friends. Traveling. Watching NetFlix. Etc etc...

I note down anything that could be relevant and useful to YOU.

Stories, lessons, insights, experiences, examples, random thoughts, opinions... anything my audience would resonate with.

Since I know my who, their pains, and desired outcomes?

Everything I share ties back to that.

Make sense?

This is a deep topic.

So I'll be launching a product in the near future around creating content and building an audience.

In the meantime... this should be more than enough to get you going.

Hope this helps 🤙


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