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FF #028: How To Get Your Content To Standout In A Sea Of Sameness

An idea hits you like a bag of honey crisp apples.

Ooo this is gonna be a good one.

You can feel it.

You sit down at your desk and open LinkedIn...

You type the words…

"Want to get more people to engage? Provide more value."

You hit post.

You breathe a sigh of relief and lean back in your chair.

"I’ve done it. Content… PUBLISHED!"

But then… the sad part.

You wait. And wait. And wait…

No one engages on your post.

No one reaches out.


"Wtf did I do wrong?! I posted content. I told them to provide value. Isn’t that valuable?!?!"

Here’s the truth…

Your content isn’t hitting because you’re saying the same shid as everyone else.

Surface level material that brings nothing new to the conversation.

I literally just saw a tweet that said if I want to be healthier... drink more water.

Ok thanks for that lol realll insightful stuff there buddy!

Strive to be DIFFERENT.

Different is better than just being better.

Here are 3 ways to do that...


#1 - Personality.

Notice how I use my own slang?

And have my own vibe + way of talking?

The way I write is my personality. It’s close to how I am in real life.

No one is better than YOU at being you.

It’s funny when people try to imitate my stuff.

My vibe, slang, offers, sometimes even my emails word for word.

What they’re really doing is sending people to me for free lol.

Because you can't beat me at being me.

Come up with your own slang. Your own way of talking. Your own vibe. Your own swagger.

Let your personality rippp.

#2 - Who.

Last night I was talking to a guy who helps specialist doctors setup new patient acquisition systems.

We're at an event in Nashville and he closed a $150,000 client while here.

First of all... damn son.

Second... I took a look at his content and it's basic marketing+sales principles.

The main difference is WHO he's talking to.

The specialist docs he works with didn't go to school for marketing and sales. They went to learn how to be a doctor.

So when they see content from my new friend... it's new and different to them.

They eat that shid UP.

Changing your "who" can have a huge impact on getting your stuff to stand out.

#3 - Your background.


Look at all the people you follow and engage with.

Why do you follow them?

Why do you engage with them?

Is it because they post "tips" and generic info all the time?

Or do you follow them for who they are and their background?

One of the people I follow is my mentor Travis Sago.

Sure he posts great tips... but I don't follow him for tips.

I do because of the stories he shares... his experiences... opinions... unique perspectives...

All things he has from decades in bizness.

You can't fake this stuff.

But if you have it... use it!

Share more of your background.

Give people a reason to listen and engage with you.


So those are 3 ways to be different and get your content to standout in a sea of sameness.

Being different is better than being better.

You can use these 3 strategies to do that.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found this breakdown useful 🤙


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