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FF #020: How To Eliminate Procrastination And Lack Of Motivation

Recently I’ve been leaning more into the “world of woo woo”.

Mindset, purpose, goals, personal development, values, manifestation, law of attraction.

Some of it is bologna.

But a lot of it is super useful.

We went deeper on this during my Rainmaker Inner Circle call on Tuesday.

And my peeps really seemed to get something out of it.

So I thought today would be a good time to talk about 2 topics that always seem to come up…

Procrastination and motivation.



How To Eliminate Procrastination and Lack of Motivation


If you struggle with pushing shid off to the last second?

Or never feeling “motivated” to do the work?

You’re not alone.

But the reason why you struggle with this is not the reason you think.

I wanna share the TRUE reason why… as well as what to do about it.

Let’s roll.

The Real Reason Why You Procrastinate.


When I ask clients what they want they often say “more money, to be rich, freedom.”

Ok sure, everyone wants that.


Why is more money important to you? Why is being rich important to you? Why is freedom important to you?

One of my clients shared that his main purpose is to be a provider for his family.

He’s married with 3 kids.

He wants his wife to be a stay at home mom, buy their dream home, help his parents out with bills, and be able to take vacations 3-4 times a year.

He knows exactly what type of home he wants in the exact location. He has a list of inspiring places to go for vacation. He’s calculated the money and time he needs to make it happen.

And because he’s done that?

He has a powerful “reason why” to get to work everyday.

Not just a random pie in the sky goal that someone online told him he should have.

Procrastination and motivation isn’t a problem because he has a meaningful PURPOSE.

So the real reason you procrastinate is because you haven’t identified your meaningful purpose.

Without it… you don’t have a strong reason why to get to work everyday.

It doesn’t need to be complicated either. Look at how simple his purpose is.

It just has to be more than some generic answer like “6-figures” or “4 hour work week”.

Keep asking WHY you want what you want until you feel inspired by the answer.

Now… allow me to share another powerful method you can stack on top of this.

This is something I do and I call it…

The “Bear” Method For Staying Motivated.


Imagine you’re camping in the woods with a friend, having a good time.

When all of a sudden…

You see a terrifying 10ft tall Grizzly bear in the distance running towards you.

Are you just gonna sit there laughing by the fire?

Or are you gonna get your arse up and move?

If you don’t want to die, probz option 2 right?

If you track the history of some of the world’s most successful people… you’ll see they all had a bear chasing them too.

Take superstar UFC fighter Conor McGregor as an example.

His rise to the top of the sport was truly something special.

Not only would he knock fighters unconscious. He’d pick the round he’d do it in too.

Yes he had a meaningful purpose. To be a UFC champion.

But he also had a grizzly bear chasing him.

Being dead broke, the thought of not reaching his full potential, being knocked out with the entire world watching.

The fear and pain of this pushed him to keep moving.

Interestingly enough… once he built a net worth of $300M and became the first double champ in UFC history?

Everything went downhill.

Losing fights, getting knocked out, getting into legal trouble…

Because there was no bear chasing him anymore.

He’s already rich and successful so the motivation isn’t the same.

Make sense?

Personally I’m more motivated to escape fear and pain over a goal alone too.

My “bear” is:

  • having to go back to a 9-5
  • having a boss that tells me what to do
  • not being able to provide for my wife and our future kids, where we have to live cheaply like I did growing up
  • having to stress about every financial decision like what we can order at a restaurant during dinner

These may seem like small things.

But these were all pains I experienced in the past. My “bears”.

They keep me motivated everyday.

So figure out what YOUR bear is.

If you don’t have one?

Think about what the worst case scenario is for you and that’s your bear.

You should be motivated to make sure it never catches you.

I hope this wasn’t too “woo woo” for you to take to heart.

Simple, but extremely powerful strategies to stop procrastinating and feel a new motivation to do something great.

It’s worked for me. It’s worked for others. And I hope you apply it so it works for you too.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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