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FF #007: How I Use Specificity To Move People From Cold To Sold

In today's issue I'm gonna share a tool to help you get your messaging tight tight TIGHT.

It's a tool I use everyday to get more likes on my content...

More "this is 100% me" comments...

More clicks on my call-to-actions...

And of course more people saying "I'm IN" to my various offers.

It's the SPECIFICITY tool.

So let's jam on...

How I Use Specificity To Move People From Cold To Sold

One of my marketing mentors Travis Sago has a thing he likes to say…

“Specificity will make you rich.”

And it’s true.

I can’t tell you how much more fast and furious money started pouring into my bank account once I started being more specific in my messaging, offers, emails, content, etc.

How many times have you seen the same ole tired messages of “increasing your profits”, “boosting your sales”, “scaling your bizness”?


We can do better than that yo.

So today I’m gonna share how to be more specific.

Then I’ll give live examples of messages I’ve seen in the last week with my feedback on how I’d make it more specific.

By the end of this read you’ll know how to use specificity to move people from cold to sold... and start making more sales faster+easier too.

(By the way… a big part of this is understanding your target market. I’m gonna assume you already know that for the sake of brevity.)

Let’s roll.


The 1-Question Specificity Test.

Whenever I want to put one of my messages to the test I ask myself this question…

“Is there a clear and EZ way to draw this out?”

I want my message to play out like a mental movie.

Where someone reads it and can picture the exact scene in their head.

I want it to be something they can see, hear, taste, smell, or touch.

Not literally, but within the scene.

If I can’t draw it out… or there are too many ways to draw it out… then I have work to do.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

I'm in the biz space so these will all be biz-related examples.

“Increase the profits in your biz.”

I’ve seen this hundreds of times.

How can we make it better?

Well if we’re working with online biz owners we might say something like…

“See an extra $5k hit your Stripe and PayPal account every Friday.”

There’s a million different ways the original scene could play out.

In my edit, there’s a pretty clear way you can draw the scene out.

Make sense?

Let’s do another.

“Get more high-ticket clients.”

This is a recent one that’s been beaten to death.

How can we make this more specific?

We could be specific about what types of clients.

Or how we get those clients.

Or what “high ticket” means.

Here’s my edit:

“Get more $1k-$10k clients using a few FB posts and DMs.”

Can you see that scene playing out in your mind?

Same overall message. More specificity. More power.

I’m having fun so lets do a couple more.

“Create more high-quality content.”

What the frick does this even mean?

What is "high-quality content"?

Remember… we want to create those “mental movies”.

So let's say we’re targeting coaches.

What could we say?

My edit:

“Write short and simple 250 word LinkedIn posts that get potential coaching clients to message you.”

Better, hey?

We’re specific to our ideal person.

And you can picture the scene in your mind.

OK one more.

“Skyrocket your sales.”

Lol if I had a dollar for every time someone said "skyrocket" I could buy a bone-in ribeye steak dinner at Ruths Chris every month for a year.

(^see that specificity? *wink wink*)

You might think this message works because you have a buzzword in there.

But buzzy doesn’t equal specific.

It’s also not believable.

I’ve never felt excited or convinced when someone says they’re gonna skyrocket my anything.

So what we do here?

Let’s say we’re targeting SaaS companies.

Maybe we say something like:

“This 4-email sequence converts free trials into paid users in one week or less.”

Do you think a SaaS company wanting more sales would respond to that more than “skyrocket your sales”?

I’d like to think so.


So those are a few examples of specificity in action.

Take a look at your messaging, offers, and content.

Are you being specific?

Can you clearly and easily draw it out?

Or is it a large helping of “generic pie”?

Specificity will make you rich.

Or at the very least make you smile a lot bigger looking at how much extra cash you collected :-)

That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙

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