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FF #001: How I Launch Digital Products Guaranteed To Sell

What's going on.

For the last few months I've been thinking about changing up the format a bit for this newsletter.

I want to make it more marketable. So I can promote it on the social meedz more.

My buddy Justin Welsh has a newsletter called "The Saturday Solopreneur".

Every Saturday he sends out one actionable tip on growing your audience and revenue.

And because it's themed with awesome content? He's able to promote it on his different channels.

So while I will keep a lot of this the same... I'll be adding ONE actionable tip to help you grow your audience and income from writing online.

And in honor of this NEW format?

I'll be starting the issue count again from #1 so there's no confusion.

So let's kick this thang off with... 

How I Launch Digital Products Guaranteed To Sell

I love digital products.

I love coming up with the idea... getting sales for it... and creating something people love all within a matter of days/weeks.

Over the last 2.5 years I've launched 13 different digital offers.

Not all of them were home runs... but I've got a simple process dialed in now that ensures I launch products guaranteed to sell.

Today I'm sharing that process with you...


Step 1: Get the idea.

Couple days ago I was on a call with my Rainmaker Inner Circle clients.

3 of the members asked if I could share more about my content creation strategy.

About how I used content to grow an audience of 62k+ across my different channels and generate millions in online sales organically.

They wanted to know I come up with ideas, my writing process, and repurposing process.

My thinking is if 3 of my top clients want more on that? There's a good chance others in my audience want that too.


There's my product idea.

My best ideas ALWAYS come from my audience.

Step 2: Validate the idea.

So now we have the idea.

But that's all it is. An idea.

Now we have to validate it to make sure there's interest.

If you have an audience... even if small... start there.

If you don't have an audience... this is your nudge to start building one.

To validate my ideas I always ask my audience what they think.

So I send out an email, post it in my FB group, and post to my LinkedIn profile.

Here's what I said for this recent one:

First I get the reader excited by sharing what I've done and my results.

Next I address the main time objection by saying I create all this content in 1 hour a day using a proprietary system.

Then I ask if they'd be interested in having this system which has helped me to achieve my results. I also give them a price range so they're not expecting it to be free.

I end the post saying to comment/reply with the word "Interested". I call these people "handraisers" because they've raised their hand for more details.

This validation post across my email list, FB group, and LinkedIn has resulted in 112 handraisers so far.

That's enough for me to say let's create it.

But not so fast!

Before creating I always...

Step 3: Sell the idea.

This might seem counterintuitive?

But I ALWAYS sell before I build.


I don't want to spend months creating something that no one will buy!

(I've done this before and wasted 4 months creating something only 3 people bought.)

Yes we've validated interest with our post. But we don't know for sure until money exchanges hands.

So what I do is write up a quick sales page on a Google Doc.

I don't have one ready for this new offer yet... but click here to see an example of one.

Once I've got that written up I spend 1-2 weeks talking about the product to my email list and audience.

I send interested folks over to the Google Doc sales page and they can buy before any product is created.

Typically I give a special price and bonus to pre-sale customers to thank them for being early birds.

Once I've got actual paying customers?

Now I can put the time, energy, and focus into building the product because I've proven it'll sell.

I'll save the product creation step for a future Friday Fire newsletter...

But this is my process for launching digital products that are guaranteed to sell.

I know it works because it's been responsible for $1M+ in digital product sales since 2020.

Hope this helps 🤙


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