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FF #015: Are You Using This Money-Making Superpower?

Recently I’ve been buying up a bunch of real estate.

I love it because it’s a proven cash-flowing asset that will always be around.

As I share tiny bits about my journey I’ve been getting questions like…

“What do I do if I don’t have the money to buy cash-flowing assets like real estate?”

Fair question.

My answer is you shouldn’t be buying assets.

You should be leveraging the money-making superpower we’re gonna talk about today…


Are You Using This Money-Making Superpower?


Hypey title, I know.

But this is a superpower I believe everyone has. Or can have if they want it bad enough.

A superpower that will ensure you never go hungry again.

What is it?

It’s your ability to…


Create your own assets.


An asset is something you own that generates cash flow and can be sold for money.

Real estate is an example of an asset.

You own it, it can generate cash flow, and you can sell it for money.

Ideally at more than you bought it for.

But you need money to buy the asset to begin with.

So what do you do if you don’t have that?

Well… we live in a digital world.

Why not create your OWN assets?


This past week I launched my newest product called The Compound Creator System.

It took me 1 week to go from “Idea” to “Paid”.

I took the system I was already using to create content (like this email)...

Packaged it up into a 2-hour video course…

Started selling it through a Google Doc…

124 people bought it in 7 days… which will continue to grow over time.

Now I have an “asset” that can be sold and generate cash flow without much of my involvement.

In just 7 days… using my expertise, the internet, a Google Doc, and a platform to host the course…

I created a 6-figure/yr asset!

If that’s not a superpower?

Then IDK what is.

There’s nothing stopping you from creating your own assets too.

Below are 3 ideas for you to create your own assets.

As always, I only add things I’ve done so you can see examples.

Here they are...


#1: Tools.


Are there certain tools you’ve created or used that you can package up and sell?

My services company Growth Response started as a LinkedIn and cold email lead gen agency.

We sent thousands of outbound messages a day.

I created a digital product called “Beast Mode Prospecting” that packaged up some of our best tools for running campaigns.

Tracking sheets, scripts, templates, frameworks, affiliated software, etc.

I gave it away for free first, then sold it for $47, $97, and eventually $197.

The cool thing is we got quite a few clients from folks who bought these tools but didn’t want to do it themselves.

So it can serve as a nice lil “sales funnel” for you too.

Tools are quick assets to package up and sell because you’re already using them.

They can also be sold as standalone assets or grouped in with the other 2 you’re about to learn about…


#2: Self-paced online course.


Is there something you’ve achieved that others would like to learn about and achieve too?

You can package that up into a self-paced video, audio, or text-based online course.

Someone can go through it on their own time, follow the steps, and achieve the result without your involvement.

I started building my audience using content in 2020.

Since then I’ve grown to 75k+ followers across my different channels and can create a week's worth of content in 3-4 hours a week.

I get questions nearly everyday asking about my system for creating content and growing my audience.

So I packaged it up into a course called The Compound Creator System.

Like I mentioned in the intro… it took 1 week to go from “Idea” to “Paid” with 124 customers.

If you got a result others want to achieve too?

And can lay it out in an EZ to follow step-by-step process?

That can be turned into an online course asset for you.

Alright let’s head to the 3rd idea…


#3: Group coaching.


Is there a result you’ve achieved that you’d like to work with others to achieve as well?

You can turn it into a coaching program delivered over a certain period of time.

The difference between group coaching and an online course is you’re working directly with clients. With an online course, you can sell it without client interaction.

But you can charge a lot more for coaching.

I love doing these in group sessions because you’re able to help more folks at once. And results are often BETTER because of the community component.

Members are motivated to see others win.

They can network with each other, learn from mistakes, and help each other level up faster.

I have something called the “Leveraged Offer Launch” which helps experts package up and sell their advice online.

There’s a course, community, and weekly coaching over Zoom to help with implementation.

Every month I open it up for more clients to join. And this group coaching offer alone is a multi 6-figure a year “asset” for me.

Group coaching is on the high-end of your assets.

But rightfully so since you’re working closely with clients to get the desired result.


So back to the original question…

Are you using the money-making superpower at your fingertips of “creating your own assets”?

The internet has made it incredibly EZ to create your own assets that generate cash flow and help you live the life you want to live.

Now of course this is assuming you have something worth creating an asset around. But if you don’t, you can always learn.

Everyone starts from zero after all.

Once you’re there - use these 3 ideas to create your own assets.

And lemme know how it goes for you.

That’s gonna wrap up today’s action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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