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FF #006: 7 Uncommon Ways To Come Up With Writing Ideas That Don't Suck

Today's issue is dedicated to all the daily writers out there.

If you love to write often but get stuck when trying to come up with ideas?

I'm gonna give you a few uncommon strategies I've used to come up with daily ideas for the last 2.5+ years that don't suck.

Here we go...

7 Uncommon Ways To Come Up With Writing Ideas That Don't Suck

When I first started writing online…

One of the toughest things for me was coming up with ideas.

I had a hunger to write.

But would find myself frustrated... staring at a blank page for hours.

It became a ho lot easier when I realized the best writers don’t sit around waiting for ideas to hit.

They’re actively HUNTING for them.

Creating their own “Idea Museum”.

Following are 7 ways I’ve used to create mine... and that you can use to create yours.

Let's roll.


1.) Talk.

“Talk write, write talk”.

I first heard this from the great Matt Furey who many consider pioneered the daily email strategy.

He would choose a topic he wanted to write about, set a timer for 10mins, talk out loud about the topic, then write the words as he spoke them.

It’s how his trademark conversational style was born and why so many love his work.

You can almost hear his voice as you read his writing.

I don’t use this strategy as much anymore since Jackie would think I’m a whack job.

But for the first 3-6 months of writing daily I used it all the time.

It’s even made me a better communicator and conversationalist when talking to people.

Give it a go.

2.) Walk.

Whenever I’m hit with a case of “writer’s block” I put my mouse down and head outside.

A short 15min walk in the sun works miracles. And I always come back overflowing with ideas.

Outside is best.

But I live in Seattle where the sun ain’t always shining… so I’ll hit the treadmill if that’s the case.

If you don’t have a treadmill?

Take a stroll around your home.

I dunno how it works or why it works?

But 60% of the time it works every time.

So next time you’re stuck… step away from the keyboard and take a walk.

The ideas will flow to you soon after.

3.) Train.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I go to BJJ.

Boxing on Tuesdays.

Bodyweight and mobility work outs the other days.

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of testing myself…

There's never a day of training where I don’t come away with an idea.

It could be a story of something that happened, something relevant I learned that day, a thought that popped up in my head while breaking a sweat, something I listened to while training, or an experience worth sharing.

One of my best sales days recently came after I sent an email about tapping out new monster white belt in my class.

I tied the story back to using “leverage” in my business.

And got paid bigly to kick azz and have fun.

So if you’re not already?

Start training. Start sweating.

It doesn’t have to be martial arts, but train in SOMETHING.

In addition to writing ideas you get the physical and mental edge too.

4.) Listen.

I spend 30-60mins everyday listening to different people via videos, podcasts, courses, and coaching.

I'm always hungry to learn more which leads me to seek out info from various sources.

My go-tos are around business, marketing, sales, BJJ, golf, MMA, and real estate.

My goal when listening to anything is have ONE main takeaway.

I write these takeaways down in a simple notepad on my iPhone.

And many of these turn into ideas for content.

You can do this while going about your day like normal.

I listen while I’m working out, cleaning, cooking, traveling, hell even showering.

So you're learning new things while getting ideas for content and not having to set aside extra time to do it.

Keep your ears open.

5.) Watch.

“If you want to be successful, cancel your Netflix account and stop watching TV.”

Listen… I love Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Ozarks, Squid Game, and Stranger Things as much as the next person.

I ain’t gonna stop watching just because someone on the internet told me to!

Usually I’ll watch an episode or 2 of something with Jackie every night as I wind down.

But the thing I do different is I’m always on the prowl for any ideas I can use for content.

The idea for my Email Rainmaker Facebook group and best-selling product the Superfast Sales Email Challenge came after binge-watching a season of Lucifer.

I wrote out an entire 6-figure product from an idea I got watching a TV show!

So watch TV. Enjoy yourself.

But don't sit there like a potato.

Use it for inspo for your writing and offers.

6.) Read.

Probably the most obvious one on this list.

I spend at least an hour everyday reading.

The more I read, the more ideas I seem to have.

I used to read a book a week but that was overkill for me.

Now my main reading sources are a handful of paid newsletters that are mailed to me every month (h/t Ben settle, Chris Orzechowski, and Matt Furey).

And a curated list of creators on social media whose content I love.

The world's wealthiest leaders are all avid readers.

That should be all the proof you need.

7.) Sleep.

Another tip I learned from Matt Furey.

“Wait wut? How can I get ideas while I’m sleeping?”

I dunno why it works… but I’ll ask myself a question before bed and often will wake up with the answer. Or multiple answers.

For example… in June I was stuck figuring out how to launch a new offer.

One night before I hit the sack… I asked myself the question “what is the best way to get 15 clients on this new offer?”

Went to sleep and I shid you not.

Woke up with an idea for a strategy that has since resulted in $68k in sales.

(Btw I’ll be teaching this strategy to the clients in the next round of my Leveraged Offer Launch which starts on Tuesday.)

So if you simply want more writing ideas?

Try asking yourself this question before bed…

“What will I write about tomorrow?”

Don't knock it til you try it.

You may just wake up with your first or next million dollar idea.


These 7 tips have helped me SO much in coming up with money-making writing and offer ideas.

In creating my own "Idea Museum".

I have a notepad on my iPhone with 2k+ different ideas I can use.

And they all came from the strategies listed here.

Try them out and lemme know which one works best for you.

That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙


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