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FF #016: 5 Ways To Guarantee Your Offer Flops

Nov 19, 2022

Over the years…

I’ve worked on 100+ offers…

Bought 100+ different offers…

And seen 1000s of offers over the years.

Some kick ass from the start.

Others do OK.

But many of them flop.


That’s what I’m gonna share with you today…


5 Ways To Guarantee Your Offer Flops… And What To Do Instead

If you’re doing any of these 5 things and fix it?

I can almost guarantee you’ll sell more of your stuff faster and easier than ever before.

This issue will make you a ton of moolah if you follow it.

Let’s roll.


#1: “Needing” your offer to sell.


This is more of a philosophical thing that applies to all areas of your life.

The more you “need” something? The less likely it is to happen.

It’s especially true when it comes to other people.

They can feel and see the neediness in your voice, messaging, and behavior.

Need a deal to close? Prospect can feel it on the sales call and rejects.

Need a girl to text you back? You'll annoy her with follow-up texts.

Need money? You'll never have enough.

The more you "need" something the further away it runs from you.

Offers are the same way.

If you’re desperate and NEED your offer to sell?

Don’t be surprised when all you hear is crickets.

What I tell my clients is to “release all attachment to the outcome.”

Even if I REALLY want something to happen?

I approach it with the mentality of “Idgaf what happens because I can always try again.”

Try it for yourself and see.

Alright onto the next…


#2: Not making enough offers.


This is not about creating 10+ different offers at once.

It’s about how many offers you’re making to your market.

I send a daily email+social post which always has an offer to buy.

And have multiple convos in the DMs where I invite folks to join me if I can help them.

If some dude comes in making one offer/invitation a week?

I’m gonna beat the brakes off him because I’ve made so many more offers.

The person who makes 1000 offers will have 900 more chances than the person who makes 100 offers.

So instead of mentally masturbating in a corner… wondering about what your market will respond to… or praying for your next sale…

Go out and make more damn offers!

Sometimes it be that sinple.

Ok next one…


#3: Making it all about the product.


“If you wanna buy my course, click here!”

“If you wanna buy my coaching, click here!”

“If you wanna buy my hair product, click here!”

How many times have you seen ads and CTAs like this?

Where it’s all about the prawdukt?

People don’t lay awake at night thinking, “if onlyyy I could get prawdukt my life would change forever!”

They want what the prawdukt DOES for them.

Take my Leveraged Offer Launch program as an example (which is open for the last 2022 group until Tuesday.)

When I’m promoting it?

I don’t say “if you want to join my Leveraged Offer Launch, click here!”

I go back to the outcome of the program.

So it sounds something like this…

“If you’re an expert who wants to launch your own leveraged 1:many offer in the $1k-$15k range… and get your first clients without being on the phone…

DM me, tell me about your situation, and I’ll send you the details if I can help.”

Notice how it doesn’t even mention the product?

It only talks about what we’ll get done together.

The OUTCOME of the offer.

Make sense?

So focus less on the prawdukt and more on the outcome.

Onto the next…


#4: Making outlandish claims you can’t deliver on.


“I’m gonna 10x your business in 30 days!”

The sign of a rookie is someone who uses wild claims that sound too good to be true.

My mama always told me, “if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.”

And so it is with your offers.

If you make outlandish claims? No one will believe you. And therefore no one will buy.

There are 2 things a person must believe before buying:

  • Your claims
  • Their ability to achieve your claims

If you tell a 400lb dude he's gonna lose 200lbs in 30 days if he takes your workout program?

There's almost 0% chance he buys.

One... because you have an outlandish claim he doesn't believe.

Two... because he doesn't believe it's possible for HIM to do.

"There's no way in hell I'm losing 200lbs in one month!"

On the flip side if you have a claim such as "lose 5-10lbs in 30 days while eating bacon"?

With proof to back up your claims?

It's a lot more believable and doable.

So try making your claims smaller and more doable.

You still want it to be exciting and different.

But don't forget it must be believable or the claim won't matter.

Ok let’s do the last one…


#5: Creating before validating.


Back in 2019 I spent 4 months creating a course.

When I went to sell it?

I signed up 3 people. 1 of them was already a previous client.


And I’ve had other offers flop completely with zero sales.

It’s EZ to get excited about creating something you “think” the market wants.

But if you go only with what you think? There’s a high chance it flops.

(Ask me how I know…)

Most folks make this same mistake of creating before validating.


I never create something until I’ve validated that people want it.

My favorite way to validate is to get someone to pay me for the offer before creating it. Because there’s no guessing involved.

Someone said “I want this” with their credit card.

Take my Compound Creator System for example.

In 1 week I went from idea → validate → create.

I came up with the idea because my market told me they wanted it.

I validated by making a public post asking and getting some presales.

Then I created it and signed up 124 customers during the public launch.

It’s a ho lot better when you KNOW something will sell before you invest time/money/energy creating it.


So these were 5 ways to all but guarantee your offer flops.

The good news is now you know what to do instead.

Implement the fixes and I can almost guarantee you sell more of your stuff… faster and easier than ever.

That’s gonna wrap up today’s action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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