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FF #011: 5 Types of Content That Added 5000+ LinkedIn Followers In 4 Months

I grew by 5000+ followers on LinkedIn in 4 months without sending a single connection request.

It was 100% driven by my content.

And these aren’t just any followers. They're qualified followers who actually engage and are potential fits for my different offers.

Most guides teach you temporary "hacks" and "tricks" for growing your audience fast.

This only leads to fake followers who won’t engage with your content and will never become customers or clients.

So today I’m gonna share…

5 Types Of Content I Post On LinkedIn That Added 5000+ REAL Followers In 4 Months

Again, no "hacks" or tricks here.

Just content types that bring in real, high-quality followers.

I define high-quality followers as people who:

  • Want to hear what you have to say
  • Are open to having a conversation with you
  • Are potential customers or clients for your offers

Also… you’ll notice that some of these types are combined.

That’s totally cool and you can do this too.

Let’s roll with the content types now.


#1: Story.

We’ve been drawn to stories since cavemen could write on walls.

Story posts could be about you or someone else.

The more cool stuff you do in your life, the more stories you’ll have.

My story posts follow this framework:

  • Somebody (a character)
  • Wants something (plot)
  • But has a problem (conflict)
  • Until they find a solution (resolution)
  • That leads them to success (conclusion)

Stories don’t always have to be long either.

They can be short and still hit on each point of this framework.

Here’s a Story post example:


#2: Wins.

Sharing your own wins is great.

Mixing in the wins of your customers and clients makes it even more powerful.

Win posts follow a similar framework to Story posts.

I talk about:

  • Where the person was before
  • Where they are after
  • What they did to go from before to after
  • And what the potential is from here

Here’s a Wins post example:


I could’ve just said "Stop trying to follow billionaires by spending your whole day reading books. Take action!"

Instead - I gave a personal example of seeing people over a year later stuck on square one because they’re not taking action.

Can you see why that would work better?

OK onto mistake #3…

#3: Value.

Posts sharing a personal insight, wisdom, or lesson.

There’s a common misconception that "value" equals telling someone step-by-step how to do something.

But that’s not the only way.

There’s real value in sharing something that gets the reader to think or behave differently.

Here’s a Value post example:


#4: Lifestyle.

Lifestyle posts show people more about who you are as a person.

It doesn’t have to be photos of Lambos, mansions, or sitting on a beach sippin a marg (although it could).

Each post should help your followers get to know you just a little bit better. Build that bond a little stronger.

Before you know it your peeps will start referring back to things you mentioned.

I have people commenting all the time making references to real estate, BJJ, MMA, and golf.

Here’s a Lifestyle post example:


#5: Contrarian.

Contrarian posts are when my take on something is the opposite of a commonly held belief or saying.

When everyone else zigs, my post zags.

These can ruffle some feathers but they also get more attention.

And it does a fantastic job attracting more of your true fans.

Here’s a Contrarian post example:



I have more content types I'll share in the future...

But these 5 have been the core types responsible for helping me add 5000+ LinkedIn followers in 4 months without sending any connection requests.

Follow me LinkedIn and you'll see these live.

That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙


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