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FF #012: 5 Digital Products That Actively Make Me $100+/Day Each In Semi-Passive Income

I started selling my own digital products in 2020.

Since then I’ve launched over a dozen different products and served 8.5k+ customers and clients.

Some of my digital products don’t take any time from me to deliver. So it’s completely passive once a sale is made.

Others I’m able to charge a lot more, but take some of my time to deliver every week.

There’s a lot of content on what types of digital products to create.

But they don’t always come from personal experience.

So today I’m gonna share…


5 Digital Products That Actively Make Me $100+/Day Each In Semi-Passive Income


These are 5 digital product types that are actively selling and generating $100+ a day each.

  • I’ll share:
    What the product is
    Examples from my biz
    Price ranges for the product type

Let’s roll.


#1: Online Course.


Online courses are often the first to come to mind when you mention digital products.

They teach someone about a certain topic and help them achieve a specific result.

They can be text-based, video-based, voice-based, or a combination.

One of my online courses is called the “Get Paid Everyday Appetizer”.

It’s $99 and shows you how to launch and sell your first digital product that can get you paid everyday.

There’s 11 videos showing you step-by-step how to achieve the result, as well as text-based tools to help you implement.

Online courses are great if you want a structured, hands-off way to package up and sell your expertise.

Online courses can vary widely in price from $29 up to $2999.

Here's an example of my online course dashboard:



#2: Email Course.


Email courses are online courses delivered through email.

I like to position these as “challenges”.

Where the customer is sent a daily lesson to implement that leads them to the result.

My email course is called the “Superfast Sales Email Challenge”.

Over 7-days you learn and implement my formula for writing emails that sell.

At the end of the 7 days… if you implemented each step… you would have a fully written email.

I love email courses because customers love them.

There’s a high consumption and implementation rate… which means more testimonials and ascension to my higher-end offers.

My email course is $49 with an option to bolt-on a $19 upsell for a video version.

I’ve only seen a handful of folks promoting email courses that have ranged from $5 up to $200.

The lessons below are sent a day at a time:


#3: Template / Framework Pack (TFP).


Templates or frameworks that are packaged up to save your customers time and help them achieve a result.

Chances are if you’ve done anything more than once you can create one of these.

I’ve created these for scripts, emails, campaigns, landing pages, websites, and more.

These can also work as both standalone products and as add-ons/bonuses to other ones.

I have a TFP called the “Cash Windfall Campaigns” which is a collection of some of my best sales campaigns, emails, and social posts.

It saves my customers a ton of time while making them more money.

I’ve seen prices range from $20 up to $500.

I’ve also seen these sold as monthly recurring products from $5-$200/mo.

Here's an example:


#4: Leveraged Offer.


Leveraged offers are a hybrid between an online course, community, and coaching.

There’s a course for all the curriculum that doesn’t change.

There’s a community for all the members.

And there’s coaching within the community and on Zoom calls to help members move through the curriculum and achieve a result.

They’re called Leveraged Offers because they’re delivered 1:Many instead of 1:1… so you can help more clients at the same time.

One of mine is called the Leveraged Offer Launch which… funny enough… helps experts to create, launch, and sell their own leveraged offers.

Over 60 days I help members package up their expertise into an offer in the $1k-$15k range that they can deliver 1:Many.

Then I show them how to sell it without the phone… using email, social posts, and DM convos.

It’s currently priced at 10 installments of $349.

I’ve seen other folks priced in the range of $1k up to $50k. Sometimes more.

It’s priced higher than the previous digital products mentioned because there’s more involvement in delivery.

I love Leveraged Offers because I’m able to work closely with clients to help them achieve a result.

Here's the community for one of my Leveraged Offers called Email Side Hustle:


#5: Subscription.


Subscription products are lovely because of their recurring revenue.

Every month you have a predictable paycheck coming in.

Subscription products target problems that are ongoing.

For example - your cell phone bill is a subscription product. You pay it every month because you need cell phone service every month.

I have a few subscription products now.

One of them is my mastermind called the “Rainmaker Inner Circle” which helps people to build/grow their audiences, create digital offers, and sell it ongoing without the phone… often with recurring revenue built in.

It’s currently $1,250/mo over 12 months.

Clients usually go through one of my other offers first to get off the ground… like my Leveraged Offer Launch… then join the mastermind once they’ve got the foundation and are ready to grow.

Prices with subscription products can vary widely.

I’ve seen some as low as $1/mo up to $100k/mo.

It all depends on the problem you’re solving and who you’re working with.

Here's the community for my Rainmaker Inner Circle:


Those are 5 digital products that actively make me $100+ a day each.

These were launched over a period of 2 years.

So don’t feel like you need to do it all at once.

Pick one that fits your style and current situation, launch it, then add more as needed from there.

If you want to know how the inside of how the products are structured… buy it product and see for yourself :-)

I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or 10.


That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙


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