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FF #014: 3 Steps I Used To Help A Client Add A 6-Figure Per Year Income Stream In 30 Days

“Sean, do you have any clients who aren’t in the digital marketing industry?”

Yep. A bunch.

In fact...

I find it more exciting working with folks outside of "marketing" because I get to learn about new niches.

It’s often much less competitive too. Meaning EZer to get results.

Today I’ll share the 3 steps I used to help a non-marketing client add a 6-figure a year income stream in 30 days.


3 Steps I Used To Help A Client Add A 6-Figure Per Year Income Stream In 30 Days


In August I was having a chat with a guy… let’s call him J… who was interested in my Leveraged Offer Launch program.

J’s a consultant in a sub-niche within the medical space.

He wanted to launch his own offer helping analysts become consultants like him.

But he invested in 2 other programs not long before without any ROI to show for it… so he was super skeptical.

After some back and forth over a couple days he jumped in.

He spent a few weeks crafting his offer and a week selling it the way we do in Rainmaker land.

About 1 month total.

During his sales push week he:

  • Signed a ‘small’ $3,800 consulting gig
  • Collected $18,000 in cash for his new offer
  • Filled up a waiting list for the next group of his offer

All in all a $21,800 cash collected week.


He’s enrolling clients from his celly while watching “Shark Tank”...

His audience is continuing to grow everyday…

And even if he only runs this once every other month?

It’s a 6-figure per year income stream.

I’m gonna break down the 3 main steps I took him through to help him do this.

Let’s roll.


#1: Craft a delicious offer.


When J first told me what he does… I was amazed.

His personal case study was awesome.

But even more so were the case studies of the few people he helped for free.

He helped one woman become a consultant and land her first contract within a month. She’s on her way to doubling her income this year.

It’s also in an “untapped” industry ripe for the picking.

Experience? Check.

Results? Check.

But his offer? Blehhh.

He was selling it from his website using a price+feature list.

And there was almost no language around the BEST part about what he does.

So I had him answer this question…

“If someone goes through your offer - what will you get done together?”

His answer was to become a consultant and land their first consulting contract.

Awesome. Let's lead with that.

My next question was…

“Is there a certain timeframe they can do this in?”

His answer was 30-60 days.

Perfect. Now we’ve got a timeline to shoot for.

My last question was…

“How certain are you they can get this result?”

His answer was if they had certain qualifications and followed what he laid out… he was so confident they’d land a contract in 30-60 days that he’d keep working with them for free until they did it.

So we put it all together.

“Become a X consultant and land your first consulting contract in 30-60 days.”

With a guarantee that he’ll keep working with them until they land a contract… as long as they’re following the steps he laid out.

This offer was sooo much more delicious than the price and feature list he used before.

And it showed once he started talking about it.

Onto the next step…


#2: Start posting handraisers.

We crafted a delicious offer.

We got clear on what qualifications his “ideal clients” need… to have a high probability of getting the result.

Now we needed to find those people.

So the next step was to start posting handraisers to his LinkedIn audience of 1,300 people at the time.

Handraisers are posts that get the right people to raise their hand and reach out about your offer.

We started with a simple validation handraiser.

It goes along the lines of…

“I’m thinking about putting together a group of [niche] helping them [get the result of your offer] in [timeframe]. So far I’ve helped [case study 1, 2, 3]. Would you be interested if I did this?”

Everyone who comments or reaches out is a potential client.

This also helps us to validate the offer we created in step #1.

Once validated - we can post more handraisers talking about the “pains” and “desired outcomes” of the market in relation to the offer.

So J posted handraisers about topics like:

  • [Pain] Why people are getting ghosted on consulting contracts
  • [Desire] How he doubled his income once he went from analyst to consultant
  • [Pain] Working 60 hour weeks but only getting paid $X
  • [Desire] Traveling to Disney World with family, working 30 hour weeks, making $X

At the end of each handraiser he told readers to DM him on how he could help.

Once he got going… he was getting a DM every 3-5 minutes!


But DMs don’t pay the bills.

Clients do once they enroll.

So let’s go to the last step…


#3: Enroll clients into his leveraged offer.


Since J is selling an “expensive” offer in the 4-figure range… he wasn’t going to make any sales by just posting links to a checkout page.

So I showed him my process for enrolling 4-5 figure clients using short DM convos and a word document.

J would ask a series of questions in the DMs to understand:

  • Current situation of the person
  • Desired situation of the person
  • What they’ve already tried to go from current to desired
  • What would be considered a “win” if they worked together

If the person checked all the boxes as someone he could help with the right criteria?

He would drop a short offer invitation written on a simple Google Doc.

Once a person reads through the doc… they let him know if they’re “in” or “out”.

If they’re IN? He drops an enrollment link and gets them onboard.

If they’re OUT? He thanks them for their interest and finds out what would have made the offer more appealing.

The feedback he gets will help him make his offer and handraisers even stronger.

J was shocked at how simple it was to enroll clients using this process.

He didn’t need to schedule or do any sales calls since he could just use his typing fingers.

There was a day where he collected $9k cash while sitting on his couch watching episodes of “Shark Tank”.

Can’t do that on the phone, can you?

Here’s what he reported back to me…


Aside from creating a 6-figure per year income stream?

J now has a leveraged sales process he enjoys.

One where he can enroll clients from his sofa, while on vacay, or out and about somewhere.

I can’t wait to see J continue to kick azz and grow from here.

If you’re an expert who wants to learn this same 3-step process to start enrolling clients for yourself?

I’m opening up 20 more spots this month.

If you want the skinny… just reply back to this email with the word “J” and I’ll send it your way.

You can also tap the link below to watch a video breakdown of this process.

That’s gonna wrap up today’s action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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