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FF #008: 3 Questions To Help You Pick Your Niche Today

Time and time again...

Picking a niche is the #1 area I see people get stuck on.

I'm in a few FB groups where I've seen individuals asking about their "niche" over a year later!

Holy smokes what a waste of a year.

I do NOT want that to be you.

Because you won't achieve a thing if you spend all of your time mentally masturbating about WHO to work with.

So in today's issue I'm gonna share...

3 Questions To Help You Pick Your Niche Today

First off...

What is a niche?

In simplest terms... it's a group of people with shared characteristics that you want to work with.

They have a problem you're willing and able to solve. And a problem they're willing and able to get solved.

Choosing the right people to work with... in my experience... has a bigger impact on your earning potential than anything else.

The same product/service applied to different niches can have drastic differences in your paycheck.

So for those of you who are stuck... or who want to make sure to pick the right niche ASAP...

The following 3 questions will help you pick your niche TODAY so you can stop twiddling your thumbs and start making moves.

Let's roll.


Who were you 2-5 years ago?

This is probably the easiest way to pick your niche because you WERE your niche.

It's how I picked a niche for my education bizness. And as I grow, it's how I continue to target new niches.

The extent of my market research was thinking back to who I was 2-5 years ago.

What did I want?
What was I working on?
What pains did I have on a daily basis while trying to get what I wanted?
What do I know now that I wish I knew back then?

I'm sure you want the best for yourself.

So it's pretty EZ to share content that would help the you of 2-5 years ago.

The only constraint is to make sure you take into account the next 2 questions...

Who do you love helping and are so confident you can help that you'd be willing to get paid after they got results?

I'm not saying you HAVE to get paid after you get results... but it's a powerful way to start thinking about it.


My service at is for 7-figure expert businesses who have a big-ticket offer. I help them enroll more clients using email and chat.

On average I’m able to add $50k-$100k to their sales in the first 30-60 days.

I’m so confident in my ability to do this that I only get paid AFTER the money hits my client’s bank account.

If I offered this same service to a brand new startup?

I’d make $0.

Because they don’t have the assets for me to be successful.

No proven offer, no audience, no email list, nadda.

I would literally have to build their business for them.

So ask yourself this question and start writing down who you love and are confident in helping. Also write down what they need to have in order for you to get a result.

If it feels like getting these people a result would be hard AF and take a loooong time?

Revisit this question.

You should feel excitement when you take on a new person to work with.

Who has a painful problem with the resources and willingness to solve their problem?

Having both resources AND willingness is important.

If someone has the resources but isn't willing... they won't care about solving the problem.

If they have the willingness but not the resources... you'll be working for free. And free doesn't put food on the table.

For example...

Let's say you sell coaching/consulting on creating semi-passive income streams through real estate rentals.

A broke college student might be WILLING to increase their income through real estate, but lack the resources. They want to do it but have no money to do so.

On the other hand...

Managers or director-level corporate employees are a lot more suited to invest because of their 6-figure salaries.

I'm sure a good amount of those folks are willing to have MORE money.

So they have both the resources and willingness to get it done.

Make sense?

Identifying a niche who has a painful problem you can solve with the resources and willingness to solve it is a major key.

The 7-Second Niche Selector

Let's say you've asked yourself these questions... you've brainstormed and written down potential niches... but are STILL unsure.

My 7-second niche selector will help you solve this.

I want you to pick two niches.

Next I want you to grab a coin and assign one as heads the other as tails.

Then flip the coin. Whatever it lands on... or whatever you're "hoping" it lands on as the coin is spinning in the air... is your niche.

There you have it.

I just helped you pick your niche in seconds lol.


These are 3 questions I ask myself when choosing a niche.

And what I have my clients do when they're choosing their niches.

If you're curious about my current niche?

I have a few since my offers serve different levels of people.

But my MAIN one as of today are experts who want to get paid to sell their advice... and do that through building a lean online biz they can run with just themselves.

I actually just opened a new FB group this morning called "Audience Rainmakers" for folks who fit into that niche.

You can request to join the group here.

We have 460 on the inside and I'm personally reviewing every request. So put your best foot forward :-)


That's gonna wrap up today's action section.

Hope that helps 🤙


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