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FF #018: 3 Email Lessons I Learned Being In A Room With 7-9 Figure Biz Owners

Last weekend I went to an invite-only event called “The Email Collective” hosted by a dude named Ian Stanley.

Ian is one of the best storytellers out there and is well connected in the online marketing industry.

Everyone there was personally vetted and invited by him.

So it was a high quality room of bizness owners doing 7-9 figures a year.

Today I’m gonna share…

3 Email Lessons I Learned Being In A Room With 7-9 Figure Biz Owners


I've talked about this event enough... so let's get right into the meat. 


#1: Don't be a boring mofo.


In addition to being a stud copywriter…

Ian is also a stand up comedian.

He did a set the night before the event.

And during the event he explained why he does stand up.

“Comedy is similar to copywriting. It’s about the element of “surprise”. Of saying something different or unexpected. If you sound like everyone else, people will think you’re a boring piece of shid. Don’t be a boring piece of shid.”

Imagine if you went to a comedy show and they told jokes you’ve heard a millyun times before.


Bring something different, new, surprising, or unexpected to the table.

The best way to do this is to go out and DO MORE cool shid in your life.

Few things I do:

  • Try stuff with my biz
  • Help clients and report on results
  • Learn and apply new things (real estate investing)
  • Hobbies (BJJ, boxing, golf, snowboarding, surfing)

Do more stuff that other people find interesting and talk about it.


#2: Always have a "reason why".


If you’re gonna have a discount? Give a reason why.

If you’re launching a new offer? Give a reason why.

If you’re relaunching an existing offer? Give a reason why.

If you’re having a special promo during a weird time? Give a reason why.

Having a “reason why” gives people a compelling reason to act now.

A few ideas:

  • A personal event in your life
  • A normal holiday like Thanksgiving
  • A weird holiday like “national public sleeping day” (Google “weird holidays” for a list)

A personal example….

Last October I launched a new offer called the “Get Paid Everyday Appetizer” with a founder’s price and special bonus.

My “reason why” was I was getting married and wanted to celebrate with my audience.

The launch did multiple 5-figures in sales and bonded me even more with my people. I got dozens of messages from folks congratulating me (if you were one of them, thank you!)

So if you want to give people a more compelling reason to buy now?

Always give a “reason why”.

#3: The 2 things that matter most with email...


Building your list.
Monetizing your list.

There were a couple 9-figure biz owners at the event and this was their entire “bizness model”.

Run traffic to build an email list. Sell them stuff that solves a problem.

They monetize through selling their own products, affiliate products, and sponsorships.

But their entire biz focus is on building and monetizing their email list.

The dude I was sitting next to was an email list manager for an 8-figure online education company in the golf niche.

They post YouTube videos that send people to their site.

Viewers take a free swing assessment quiz which gets them onto their email list.

Then based on their swing assessment… they’re shown training courses and coaching that would help them.

They have 280k+ customers and do $10M+ a year with this model.

So damn simple, hey?

Email is what I do best… but I’ve been distracted by so much other shid.

This event reminded me to bring my focus back to these 2 things.

Everything I do moving forward is with the purpose of building and monetizing my list.

I learned a ton more and met some cool people being in a high caliber room like that…

But those were my top 3 takeaways.

And I’m sure they’ll add quite a few dollars to my piggy bank once I start implementing.

I hope they do the same for you too.


That's it for today's Friday Fire action section.

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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